Track quality of care, timely documentation, census concerns & cash-flow

  • User-Friendly
  • Seamless Charting
  • Compliance Alerts
  • QAPI Reports
  • Simplified Scheduling
  • CAP Calculation
  • Census Integrity Tracking
  • Document Workflow
  • Insurance Verification & Billing
  • QA Management
  • HIPAA / HiTech Safeguards


Serving 2000+ highly satisfied customers Using full range of Our products


Leading edge, user-friendly, patient-centric charting for comfort care.


An EHR with efficient patient progress tracking that positions agencies for high Total Performance Score[TPS].

Palliative Care

Palliative charting integrated with Hospice and Home health.


Integrated/HIPAA compliant secure texting.


DEA and Surescripts certified e-prescribing integrated within software.

Touch-Free EVV

Electronic visit verification built into scheduling for timely creation of charts and compliance.

HR Tools/Timesheets

Track personnel license and HR document compliance. Integrated timesheets for timely payroll.


Ability to automatically attach fax received into patient chart.

Our Services

“Enable compliance and survey-readiness for Hospice Providers through simple implementation of an intelligent and seamless process of patient-care charting, monitoring, auditing, reporting and management for timely delivery of hospice services.”


Our team works closely with Administrative & Clinical staff to achieve a smooth migration.


Initial and on-going training is provided by our Account Managers on-site and remotely.


Our Customer Support team provides top-level support to resolve issues.


Full-Service Billing with eligibility, claims scrubbing, submission, correction, payment posting and AR tracking.

Regulatory Updates

Keeping up with regulatory changes with appropriate updates to software.

Security & Maintenance

Data center security per HiTech safeguards and 24-hr maintenance for 99.9 % uptime.

Our Vision

“The Most Advanced and Intelligent Solution For Hospice Providers To Stay Ahead” with the changing dynamics in healthcare, HospiceMD offers administrators, management and hospice team the peace of mind to closely follow compliance guidelines and to be efficient. While compliance is fundamental HospiceMD also provides universal and user-friendly access, HIPAA/HiTech security requirements, control efficiencies, instant result-driven reporting for improved Quality Assurance and the ability for Administrators/Management to assess performance of hospice in real-time. With HospiceMD, be positioned to improve patient quality of care and be Survey ready.

Why HospiceMD?

  • User-Friendliness - Easy to train staff.
  • Prioritized access - Access based on staff discipline.
  • Seamless - Admission to Bereavement charting.
  • Compliance- Intelligence to guide staff on regulation.
  • Reports- QAPI/Benchmark/Billing & Collection/Aging.
  • Economy - Higher Efficiency at Lower cost.
  • Compare and you will make the Right Choice.



  • Anywhere/Anytime
  • Prioritized Access
  • Menu - Driven


  • CMS/ DHS
  • State/Local Agency


  • Assessment-Orders
  • CTI - POC - IDG
  • Discharge - Bereavement


  • Administrative
  • Physical
  • Technical


  • Assessment-Orders
  • CTI - POC - IDG
  • Discharge - Bereavement


  • HIS Data Collection
  • HIS Report* (Update)
  • Other Outcome Measures

About Us

In late 2006, a team of experienced hospice clinical and administrative professional in conjunction with highly experienced technology experts in the field of Electronic Health Records (EHR) set out to develop a solution based on a process of care. CMS, DHS, JCAHO, HIPAA/HiTech compliance guidleines were fundamental in its design.

For the hospice team HospiceMD was designed for easy access, user-friendly charting and the ability to assess perfromance of hospice in real-time!

Find out the abundance of features HospiceMD offers to your agency. We are glad to present salient features of the HospiceMD on-site or through a remote demo.

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